Symposium on At Transfer and Body Sculpting

Symposium on At Transfer and Body Sculpting

I am attending a symposium on advanced body sculpting from head to foot in New York City. Tomorrow is day one.

 The subjects to be covered are mostly minimally invasive procedures such as fat grafting, stem cells (helpful or hype), comparisons between various fillers and fat grafting, and much more relating to rejuvenation. The faculty is most interesting in that many of them have been on the forefront of subjects like fat grafting (fat transfer) for many years. Most doctors, including myself, have been skeptical, but time has proven their enthusiasm was warranted. This seminar brings these leading edge surgeons together, and this should be very interesting indeed. These instructors have credibility and people are now listening.

 I will give a follow up blog as the subjects warrant. I expect this seminar is a preview of a new philosophy in plastic surgery, which will be commonplace in the near future.

 I have my trusty pen and paper handy so I can report to those of you who are interested in the subject of surgical anti-aging as well as turning back the clock on your appearance.



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E. Ronald Finger MD