Applying the basic New Youth kit: A video demonstration

Applying the basic New Youth kit: A video demonstration

There are always questions frequently asked regarding how to use New Youth Cosmeceuticals. Each individual product is effective on its own, but when used together as a “system,” the results are much more profound because the products were designed to work synergistically.

The following video was created to show how our medical aesthetician, Anna Van Winkle, applies and uses the basic kit on clients. The basic New Youth kit contains the following 7 products: Cleanser, Activator, Fade Serum, Age Control Serum, SPF Moisturizer, Anti-Inflammatory Cream, and Retinol Silk. The first three products listed are used both morning and evening.

There are many more products available for those with special needs or problems to be addressed, but this video concentrates on the basic seven. If Wrinkle Delete is added to the regimen, it should be applied after the Fade Serum.

I will produce video of another application technique for the person with little time for applying the products in the near future.

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E. Ronald Finger MD