Does a nose job (rhinoplasty) have to look unnatural?

Does a nose job (rhinoplasty) have to look unnatural?

The answer is most emphatically no

Many of them do, however. The result is entirely in the hands of your surgeon. Nose jobs, called rhinoplasties, are considered one of the most difficult procedures to perform properly. A procedure can be confusing because of the number of supporting parts — 2 bones, and 4 cartilages plus 2 more bones and 1 cartilage in the septum (the partition that separates one side from the other). It’s important to understand that each part has the responsibility of supporting a part of the nose.

When someone has a large hump or if the tip turns down too much, or the nose is too wide, or if tip is bulbous, etc., the excessive part must be reduced, but the parts must be kept in the proper ratio with each other.  Problems arise when these ratios are not known or adhered to, and the result is often a strange or abnormal looking nose. No one wants to hear “it looks like a nose job.” Also, ethnicity and familial traits must be respected according to the patients’ desires.

Most common problems

A common problem is the “polly-beak” nose. This is when too much supporting cartilage is removed from the tip and the tip droops and leaves the septum too high. I consider this a novice’s result. Another commonly seen error is when too much of the hump is removed leaving a large depression or a “ski jump” nose, called a “saddle deformity.”. Or, maybe the tip will be turned up too much or it will be pinched, like an invisible cloths-pin is on the tip. These are abnormalities that even traumatic injuries don’t create.

However, even with excellent surgery, the patient must understand that when a nose has been broken and is off to one side, it can invariably be made straighter — but often not perfectly straight.

Is it worth it?

Beautiful or handsome noses can make an enormously positive difference in one’s looks and self-esteem, however, and if someone is interested in having a “nose job,” seeing strange results following surgery should not deter the quest for improvement. Good looking noses are virtually always possible with an experienced plastic surgeon.

E. Ronald Finger, MD, FACS

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons

Savannah, GA

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E. Ronald Finger MD