Why Should I Take Whole food Vitamins?

Why Should I Take Whole food Vitamins?

Why Should I take Whole Food Vitamins?

 First, should we take vitamins? My opinion is definitely yes, even if you eat healthfully.

A combination of top soils being so depleted of nutrients, various synthetic fertilizers and insecticides being used and crops being grown without proper crop-rotation leaves our nutrients sorely lacking in many cases. To add to this, many foods are “fortified” with synthetic vitamins, which can deplete us even further of vitamin cofactors. Even with the goal of excellent nutrition firmly in mind, most people are unable to eat ideal foods because of time constraints and limited access to foods containing the variety of ingredients necessary for optimal function of our body and brain. In addition and as I’ve described throughout the book, Why Grow Old, food processing removes many valuable nutrients and fiber.

 Simply said, whole food vitamins are foods and not isolated or synthetics, which are not natural to our bodies. Our adaptation to foods occurred over millions of years. We cannot expect to adapt to synthetic or incomplete fractions of nutrients in a hundred years or so. In fact, you may find it interesting that synthetic vitamins are often the mirror images of the natural ones. That would be like trying to put a left glove on your right hand. It doesn’t fit any more than the synthetic vitamin fits on our receptors. 

 An example of the inadequacy of synthetic vitamins is trying to cure Scurvy (from a deficiency of Vitamin C) with Ascorbic Acid, the nutrient we are told is Vitamin C.

Precisely speaking, it’s not. That would be like saying that a steering wheel is a car. Scurvy is not cured with ascorbic acid, but is cured with a whole food like paprika or lime juice—whole foods. The complete whole food “vitamin C complex” consists of bioflavonoids, enzymes, coenzymes, trace elements and other factors necessary for vitamin C to be properly utilized. It’s the same with other vitamins. You want those derived from whole foods so that you get the whole complexes which can be utilized by the body. There are many good brands available such as: New Chapter, Standard Process, Life Extension Mix, and many more.  Check with your health food store expert or Google whole food vitamins.

 Food sources of nutrients will be discussed in another blog.

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